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Craig was raised a ‘prairie gopher’, finally saw the appeal of the lands of ‘Cascadia’, and moved his personal, business, and volunteer lives to B.C.; three careers evolved in both the private and public sectors, and now semi-retirement allows part time work ONLY on projects that are interesting and creative, not work, but just plain fun!

My 1st career was in professional structural and civil engineering spanning some 20 years, while working with my staff on over 2000 projects in Western Canada; this was incredibly satisfying but when the bubble burst in 1981-82, it was time to plan a change.

My 2nd career was in real estate consulting to BC based pension funds, spanning some 6 years, working on a number of the largest real estate developments on the Lower Mainland and the Island; the challenge was not just the consulting, it was learning to mediate the sometimes competing interests of entrepreneurial business organizations with those of Union funds and workers. It worked, and it contributed strongly to a movement that still operates today, and that is to create much better community-based project developments by collaborating between financial gain and social conscience.

My 3rd career was in the public sector, spanning 10 years, with one of the top 100 public businesses in Canada, involved in Accommodation planning and then Business Case Analyses. This work drew me into a Provincial Task Force charged with developing the May-02 ‘Capital Asset Management Framework’, a framework which guided so many of the public sector projects initiated in the 2000’s in BC since the Liberal Government came to power, and a framework that is still in use today.

As I worked in my prior careers, I came to learn the value of a collaborative approach to resolving conflict and to achieving group consensus. I studied for many years while still working full time, to gain the formal qualifications to do much of the work I do today. While I have great passion in doing this type of work, it is only when I can assist you in achieving results beyond your expectations, that I will feel satisfied. My glass is half full.

I am an energetic, physically fit man in his early 70’s, semi-retired, and still wanting to make a meaningful contribution to the communities in which I live and work. I enjoy the independence of choosing my assignments in consulting, mediation, and facilitation projects. I did my part in raising four children who are now all married and all contributing to society in meaningful and independent ways; I enjoy the interaction with grandchildren situate  in BC, Ont, and UK.  

I am an avid and serious tennis player, recreational golfer, RE development project[s] advocate, RE investor, acrylic art dabbler, neophyte totem pole carver, and occasional photo snapper; I live with my wife Elizabeth here on the Semiahmoo Peninsula [South Surrey close to White Rock], BC.

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