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Eldercare and Will Probate:

It goes without saying that as parents age, many elder care issues need to be addressed, and as parents pass on, wills need to be probated. This passage of time invariably creates tensions between parents and children, and between siblings. Unresolved family differences may complicate many situations. Mild to serious conflicts are often the result.

Some eldercare issues:

  • Housing and safety
  • Managing care
  • Care for the care-giver
  • New relationships
  • Family business
  • Will preparations
  • Real estate decisions
  • End of life decisions

Some will probate issues:

  • Will authenticity
  • Lawyer and process
  • Communications
  • Payouts

I encourage families to seek assistance before issues become unmanageable. If conflict of whatever degree is the inevitable result, I look forward to discussing mediation as your process of choice.

Having personally gone through the process three times after death, and once before death, I add experience to facilitation skills, and welcome the opportunity to assist you in resolving your differences as well as maintaining and improving family relations.

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