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Business Contracts of all Kinds:

Most of us in business formalize our verbal agreements with some sort of written agreement, ranging in form from a description of intent all the way through to detailed and complex legal documents. Any or all of these constitute business contracts.

In the implementation of one of these contracts, one of both parties may fail to complete the terms of the agreement to the satisfaction of the other party. The result can range from unhappiness to serious conflict.

My experience in the development and implementation of contracts is extensive through my working years, having worked in some capacity on possibly 3000 contracts. Most every consulting assignment and resultant project[s] needed one or more written contracts. They ranged from simple contracts with details conceived by myself, all the way to lengthy legal documents requiring my critique and approval.

I welcome the opportunity to assist in the resolution of your business conflict, and look forward to discussing mediation as your process of choice.

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